ARTIST STUDIO - from CAD to machine data

With ARTIST STUDIO, you create an optimized patch laminate for your parts and generate the corresponding machine data for SAMBA in just two easy steps. ARTIST STUDIO combines multiple, perfectly aligned modules for your product development on a single virtual platform.


With the Module PATCH ARTIST, you generate patch-based performance laminates with variable fiber orientation and laminate thickness. Create optimized patch-books comfortably and fast. Results are visualized, checked and easily modified if necessary. You achieve improvements in mechanical properties through the integrated patch optimization along direction-variable load paths – even for complex geometries! This precision in fiber placement generates even better mechanical properties in your part than possible with conventional, continuous fiber technologies.


The patch-book generated in Patch Artist is immediately available in the module MOTION ARTIST and enables you to execute an automatic offline programming of the SAMBA robots. The preparation time for production is significantly shortened, as changes and modifications in the patch-book are directly reconverted to new machine data. The built-in collision detection and visual process simulation also increase the safety on your shop floor.

Your advantages in virtual product development


  • Stand-alone software platform without additional third party components
  • Fast and continuous process from CAD to machine data on a single platform
  • Easy operation of the software through simple and intuitive interface
  • Data storage along the entire operating process
  • Usage of common CAD-file formats, e.g. IGES or STEP

Module: PATCH ARTIST – laminate generation

  • Fast generation of performance 2D & 3D laminates with direction-variable fiber orientation
  • Increase of mechanical properties through an integrated algorithm for optimizing patch overlaps
  • Simple manual laminate modification by intuitive program logic and application

Module: MOTION ARTIST – offline robot programming and production simulation

  • Fast creation of machine data through offline robot programming
  • Reduction of preparation time through integrated process simulation
  • Increase of production safety with integrated collision detection
  • Efficient manufacturing process through optimized movement of 10 robot axes

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